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Network Cybersecurity

About Us
Wantegrity provides organizations with Cybersecurity controls that helps them to protect against outside malicious persons/organizations or from inadvertent or disgruntled inside personnel. Our forte is network security controls and we have decades of experience in that specific area. Our professional services are specialized around firewalls, systems separation, network zoning, and device type partitioning. Our design models ensure that securing systems is paramount but also must include design parameters that reduce the blast radius should any malware or bad actors actually infiltrate the customer network. We boost the firewall zoning solution with network access control, baseline hardening and identity access management of all network (routers, switches) and security devices (firewalls, load balancers, proxies). We work closely with our customers to find the best solutions for their particular needs. We also develop Cybersecurity policies, standards, procedures and job aids. And we do this with tools that dramatically improve the cybersecurity policy work product and ensure direct application to the customer environment. All that, at a fraction of the cost usually associated with the development of these sorts of policies and procedures.

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