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Wantegrity Inc

Wantegrity provides these materials for download to be used as you wish and at no cost. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding any item you may email at inquiry@wantegrity.com.

Wantegrity makes no guarantee for the accuracy or usefulness of any of the materials below. Downloading any of the materials constitutes your acknowledgement that you are using the material entirely at your own risk.

Tools and Scripts
• Algosec FireFlow - OnCorrespond example scrip - OnCorrespond Handling Incoming Emails
• Build your own large scale BGP/OSPF cloud simulations - CreateInternets (ZIP)

Firewall Security Policy Guidance
• Firewall Policy Best Practice 1 - Allowing Guest Access to the Internet (PDF)
• Firewall Policy Best Practice 2 - The Internet is Not ANY (PDF)