Password Regenerator

Why use a password regenerator? Most of us cannot possibly remember long and complex passwords for every Internet site that we use. And as a result, many people use the same passwords across many sites, which is terribly insecure. Despite the dangers, people often use the same weak passwords across many different web sites anyway which is much like using your house key as your car key as your safety deposit box key. Now imagine if we all had to carry around a different key for every web site login, can you imagine how many keys that would be? One solution is to use a password regenerator such as this one. What you do is come to this site, type in your master key, then type in a unique and specific site key and then press generate to obtain a unique, long and complex password that is specific for that one particular site. The most important benefit of using the password regenerator is that every generated password for every site is different, long and complex! In other words, this tool gives you a very simple and easy method for using different passwords on every web site that you use. You only need one 'master key'. And then you use individual 'site keys' that are so much easier to remember because they can be simple text like 'check account' or 'facebook'.
Is this password regenerator safe to use? Yes, all of the password calculation is done within your browser on your computer. Nothing that you type into this web page goes anywhere onto the Internet. Your master key and site keys never leave your computer. They stay right where your computer is. All of the calculations are done within your browser on your computer.
How does the password regenerator work? The password regenerator generates (and regenerates) passwords that are uniqure for each web site that you use. When you initially set up your account on a site, you will use the password generator to set up the initial password. And each time you visit the site, you will use the password regenerator to recreate the same password (by typing in the master key and the specific site key). Each time you generate the password, you will copy and paste that password into the web site password.
Can you give me a longer explanation? This password regenerator is an easy way to use your own special 'master key' and special 'site key' to produce many different complex (and long) passwords. Each password is a special unique value that is calculated using a combination of the master key and the site key and the combination is then 'hashed'. The hashing produces complex, unique and long passwords. This means that you need to remember three things. First, you must remember your unique master key. Second, you must remember each unique site key which identifies the login site. Third, you must also remember your login ID for each site. This page will regenerate the complex and long password which you will copy and paste into the site password and then login. Most sites use your email address as the user id. So that part is easy. Note that this is not a password vault. Password vaults actually store your passwords. If your password vault gets hacked, you're in big trouble. This password regenerator does not store anything at all. It simply recalculates your complex passwords using your master key and site key identifiers.
What is the Master Key? The master key is your secret. You use the same master key on each visit here. Never write down or store this password anywhere. It is your secret key password for passwords!
What is the Site Key? The site key is some unique text that applies to the specific site or purpose for the required password. It might be 'facebook' or '' or 'check account'. You can use any site key that you choose (for each site) but you must use the same site key for each specific site each time that you return to the password regenerator. That means, you need to create your own mental system for remembering site keys. Most of the time, you can use the domain name of each site. You can also drop the .com like 'facebook' or 'yahoo' or 'chase'. It is safe to write down a list of these site keys and keep them available for yourself. But it is better to come up with a system to remember them without writing them down or storing them anywhere. Whatever you do, don't write down actual passwords!
What is the difference in the password strengths?Three different passwords are produced. You can only use one of the passwords for each particular identifier/site. The strong password is 16 characters long and does not contain any special characters. Some web sites won't let you use a password that does not contain special characters. So the stronger password does contain special characters. And the strongest password is very long and also contains special characters too. Remember to use the same strength password with each specific site login. Thus, it is necessary to remember which strength password was used with each site identifier. Keeping a list of which password strength was used is OK but the less you write down the better. If possible, you should use the strongest password for all of your web site passwords.
Don't write down logins and passwords!Incredibly foolish as this is, you can actually buy a log book for keeping a record of your web site logins and passwords. HERE is an example. This is a really, really bad idea. So don't do that! We know our tool takes a bit of getting used to and it isn't perfect but putting all of your logins and passwords into a book is a truly terrible idea. Please do not do that!

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