Password Regenerator - New Feature!

What it is: As of 2020, Wantegrity has introduced a facility for annual password changes.
How does it work: The main password page will be updated with new algorithms once per year. The old password page will be made available via the "Previous" menu. Each previous page will be labeled according to its corresponding year. For example, the password page for 2019 will be made available in the "Previous" menu as "Version 2019". When the password page is updated (annually) it will be necessary to use the "Previous->Version 2019" page until you change passwords over to use the latest password page. So each year there will be a transition period where it will be necessary to use the previous password generator to login to sites and then change the password to use the current password generator.
What to do:There will be an announcement made in January of each year and it will be posted on the current password page. This announcement is simply a reminder that the existing password page will be replaced with a new one on February 1st of each year. On February 1st, the current password page will be moved to be accessible via its corresponding "Previous" menu. You will use that "Previous" menu until you change over all of your sites to the new password page. In other words, you will use the original password generator to login to your chosen site.
And then you will change the password for the chosen site by using the current password generator.
HINT: it is best to change over from the previous to the current for as many sites as possible so that there is as little confusion over which password generator is being used for each site.

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