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Wantegrity Inc

Our Services
Wantegrity specializes in network security professional services including:

Firewall Network Segmentation
• Firewall installations, setup, and configurations with segmentation design or expansion. Projects often include upgrades, expansions, feature implementations, and security validation.
• Network segmentation security design, implementation and integration. This often includes design and implementing firewall DMZ/zone additions or modification.
• Firewall policy remediation projects including rule rationalization and optimization for security. These are typically carried out for audit/regulatory requirements or to recover from 'loose rules' and achieve optimal 'least access' security posture.
• Firewall features 'maximum configuration' service where every possible advanced security feature is configured on your firewalls. URL filtering, malware protections, remote access, site to site VPNs and failover and recovery to name a few.
• Cloud services architecture and security objects assessment and improvements. Cloud services have their own security models and require new understanding to securely implement and operate. CASB is only one piece of the cloud security puzzle.
Advanced Offerings
• Installation and configuration of advanced firewall policy management suites such as Algosec, Firemon and Skybox Security.
• Automation and orchestration of firewall policy management (and configuration baselining).
• Integration of firewall policy management systems with leading ITSM's (such as BMC Remedy and Service Now etc).
CyberSecurity Specific Offerings
• Developing and implementing security management programs for clients using RITM/GRC platforms such as Eramba.
• Network infrastructure devices and security systems configuration audits, security gap analysis and audit compliance verification (to and beyond, NIST).
• Audits, gap analysis and control item reports for GDPR, NYDFS, NIST, PCI and on and on.
Training Services
• Firewall administrator training in advanced security techniques and methods. Proper rules development, advanced features, best practice techniques, continuous improvement models, and more.
• Security analyst fast track program. We provide training in cross discpline IT, multi data source, event/flow correlation, investigation and resolution techniques. In other words, how to get your security analyst fast, better, smarter with your SIEM.