MAC Addresses Converter

What Is It?

As of 2023, Wantegrity has introduced a facility for transposing MAC addresses from one format to another.

How Does It Work?

Take a list of MAC addresses and enter them into the MAC address input field then press the "Create" button. Basic validation checks will be performed and then transposed MACs will appear in the four output text boxes.

Why Do We Need This?

MAC addresses are constructed from twelve octets (bytes) - which is simple enough. MAC addresses are seen in mac address tables and in ARP entries as well as tcpdumps and packet captures. Vendors have implemented different formats for displaying MAC addresses. So we need a tool that can quickly transpose lists of MACs from one vendor format to another. That's what the MAC converter does.

Common MAC formats
e81c.babe.1157 (Cisco)
88:b1:11:e0:20:6d (LINUX)
9020c2-8fee00 (HPE Procurve)
3C-18-A0-99-72-E0 (Windows)

The above formats are easily converted and transposed into each using our MAC converter tool.


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