Plain English Password Generator - New Feature!

What Is It?

It is intuitively obvious that passwords should be long and complex but they should also be memorable when possible. As of 2023, Wantegrity has introduced a facility for creating long, complex passwords comprised of words randomly selected and also inserted with non alphanumeric characters.

How Does It Work?

It's quite simple. You select the number of words to use in the password, the maximum length of each word, select the case of the words and the transform. The transform determines which characters in the words will be replaced by non alphanumeric characters that have a similar appearance to the matching characters that are being replaced. You can see which characters are being replaced in the drop down list. Finally, press the "Generate Password" button.

The generated password will be shown in original text and (if a transform was selected) the complex password will be shown as well. You will notice that the password becomes harder to read and therefore remember as the transform includes more characters.

Example: TimeRoadGirlPlan becomes T!m3R0@dG!rlPl@n

Why Do We Need This?

This utility is primarily intended as a learning tool but it has practical applications too.

This tool provides a simple way to produce strings that are composed of multiple words of known character length. We then provide a simple way to make those multi word strings into complex ones that also contain non alphanumeric characters. With those attributes, you have a reasonably strong password that is easier to remember but is also complex and long. Complex and long passwords are the strongest. Why do all this? Because remembering and recalling long plain text strings is easier than shorter but complex strings. It is also remarkably difficult to make up word combinations that can be used as passwords. So one approach is to combine words to form a long password and then replace certain characters with non alphanumeric characters. In this way, we get a long and complex password that is easier to remember and recall.


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